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"She has a voice that is truly outstanding and she exhibits her acting range as the excitable Amalia."


"She has a lovely voice and she moves with the comic grace the role requires. She is both moving and humorous"


Born in Vista, CA as the eldest of four sisters, Beatrice had a great love for singing even from a young age. In the 3rd Grade, after her family moved to the Bay Area, Bea participated in her first musical, directed by Lori Stokes, the founder of StarStruck, an incredible youth theatre. The spark was lit, and she continued to perform in multiple shows a year all the way thru the summer after high school graduation, even helping her school to fundraise, create, and perform in the National Festival of Performing Arts at NYU, where she was awarded 'Outstanding Female Vocalist'.

​​​University brought a wide array of experience and inspiring teachers, as well as her first professional theatre contracts. Cal State Fullerton instilled a drive to dig deep into the work, Mira Costa provided a safe and supportive place to dig deep into the self, and UCLA encouraged her expansion as an individual. It was during her time at UCLA, Beatrice attended the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England on a full scholarship, an unforgettable experience. In her final year at UCLA, Beatrice was granted permission to leave school three weeks early in order to begin her post grad life in her first summer stock in Maine. It was later that year that Beatrice decided to make her big move to the Big Apple. She cancelled her return flight to Los Angeles, and dove into her post grad life in NYC!


NYC provided so many incredible opportunities, as well as a supportive and inspiring community of friends. Tours took her across the globe, as well as across the country. Beatrice now resides in sunny San Diego, CA, where she teaches private voice, acting, yoga, and continues to perform professionally.

You can follow her adventures on instagram: @beacrosbie

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